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New books and publications will be listed here...funds from sales will be donated to Charity to enable the continuation of work with bereaved victims' families!  

Please help support this important work by telling all your friends...please buy the books and enjoy! 

Books & Publications

Murder...the Ashes of Nass Beacon by Ann Oakes-Odger MBE


During 2005 I wrote the first draft of a book about a family living in London during the Second World War...the real events and missions of the No. 4 Commando and the passionate love affairs that blossomed despite the challenges faced by ordinary people living through the bombings.  During the writing of the book called  'Murder...the Ashes of Nass Beacon' by a cruel twist of fate, my son Westley was brutally murdered on the 12th September, 2005 and due to the subsequent traumatic grief that swept through our family like a Tsunami...I found it impossible to finish the book at that time.


In 2015 as my family and I personally approach an anniversary of my son's life being taken and as the Nation approaches yet another anniversary of VE Day and the end of the Second World War, it felt right for me to finish the book, dedicate it to the memory of Westley to raise much needed funds to continue the work of our Charity.  The story charts the hardships of the post-war era...the 1950's through to the 'Swinging Sixties'...


If you would like to have a taster of what the book is about in more detail, we have a 'Look Inside' facility available on Amazon:





The Life He Chose by Candace Bertram


Sadly, the author of this book lost her brother to knife crime in 2007…he was just 24 years of age. Candace had never experienced the death of a family member before, so losing a brother in such a violent and traumatic way, she found it extremely difficult to grieve. She says…


”I didn’t know how I felt and I couldn’t understand why so many young people had been losing their lives to such violent crimes, I never thought that I would have ever been in such a heart-breaking situation.


After shedding tears daily, I decided to spread a message to the youth about the importance of making the right decisions in life and also, making sure that they didn’t get caught up in the wrong crowd. I picked up my pen and began to write this story.


The Life he Chose is a fiction book based on two people in a relationship…Jay and Lauryn. Jay lives a very flashy lifestyle and funds his expensive habits and fast cars by taking illegal risks and breaking the law. The book tells the story of their lives together and explores why some of the younger generation choose to go down this route. We all know that it never ends well, and it proves to be the case in this story. Although knife crime plays a role in my book, it is not the only focus. Love deceit, infidelity and organised crime are also touched upon…”


If you would like to have a taster of what the book is about in more detail, we have a 'Look Inside' facility available on Amazon:
































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