It's a Gap Year, but not as you know it!

Thinking about a Gap Year?  Oasis is the place to start...for People & Community 'threesixty'... 

In this Section...planning a 'Gap Year' and Volunteering - find out more!

Gap Year

Thinking of taking a 'Gap Year' old Chinese guy said..."To hear is to forget, to see is to remember, to do is to understand!" 


A 'Gap year' for you, could be about learning skills from youth work to community development and how to release that inner creative flair!  Grounded in good theory and theology...head, heart and hands.  In short everything you'll do is about living out a real, credible and life transforming experience.  But, most importantly ensuring that you research and be safe...






Planning a Gap Year...what are the possibilities?

  • Volunteer Abroad
  • Do some work experience in the UK to enhance your skills
  • See a bit of the world

Taking a 'Gap Year' is an extremely good way of getting more experience in new environments before going on to further study at University or living away from home. 


It could be your first time away from School or College with no teachers or assignments to worry about.  If you spend a year volunteering for an industry or organisation you would like to get into in the future, employers will see that you are dedicated to advancing your career.  There are many 'Gap Year Options' may want to go travelling and sample life in other Countries.  If you haven't saved enough cash, you could work your way around the world, or even teach English as a Foreign Language.  You may need to have certain types of Visa to work in some Countries, so check before you go.


In this Section...what you need to know:






























































































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