Useful Links

Here are some useful links to other websites which will help research further information on sentencing-related subjects.  Also Violent Crime related issues resource information.

Useful Links

Find your MP, MEP, MSP - email or Fax your Councillor

Acts of the UK Parliament

Bar Council

Democracy in Action  

European Crime Prevention Network

Freedom of Information Act 2000  

Counselling/Psychotherapy (Find a Therapist)

Couselling Directory 


Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority     

Criminal Injuries Appeals Panel 

Criminal Justice Degree Guide/USA 

Criminal Justice Pursuit

Crown Prosecution Service

Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting  

National Probation Service 

Parole Board

HM Prison Service

Law Officers

Law Commission

Law Society

Criminal Law Solicitors' Association  


Judiciary of England & Wales

Justice After Acquittal

Justice/You be the Judge

Magistrates' Association 

HM Court Service

House of Lord Judgements

Unspent Convictions

USA Justice Degree Courses

Victoria Sentencing Commission/Australia




Health Issues relating to Sudden Traumatic Death...Murder & Manslaughter, Suicide and many other forms of Bereavement are discussed in depth:


Child Death Helpline...Freephone 0800 282 986 (Additional Freephone for ALL Mobiles 0808 800 6019):  


Samaritans...24 hour helpline 08457 90 90 90:


Witness the independent charity taking a stand against the walk-on-by culture that fosters violent crime, feeds fear and fuels public disengagement from Society.  An app to enable victims and witnesses to report crime and supply evidence to the police is now available:












































































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