Think about your journey... Plan your journey....keep yourself safe:-

Journey Check List

1) Remember your voice is one form of defence - use it! If you cannot avoid walking home alone - particularly in the dark, invest in a ‘Personal Alarm’. If someone threatens you ‘shout’ for help, and/or use your ‘alarm’.


2) Safety awareness is key to making ‘one’ feel more secure. Consider Self-Defence classes. Any age or gender can benefit…both for safety and health reasons


3) Conceal expensive jewellery when in public places.


4) Most people nowadays have a mobile ‘phone…’key in emergency services’ along with family/friends’ . Also carry some extra change or a telephone charge-card as added security.


5) Be alert! Walk with purpose and confidence.


6) Should you ever have the misfortune to experience a personal attack…use your ’personal alarm’…an umbrella, keys or whatever is immediately to hand to defend yourself. Always report to the Police…the attacker could already be wanted!


7) Endeavour to walk in the centre of the Pavement. Always keep away from secluded alleyways and buildings. If a vehicle pulls up next to you…never approach, but walk in the opposite direction.


8) If you suspect you are being followed ’call a member of family, a friend and/or the police’. Cross the street, head for an area where there are people, an open business premises or any public place.


9) When carrying a handbag, briefcase or any items such as a Laptop Computer…be prepared to ‘let go’ and ‘do not resist’ if someone attempts to rob you, but ’do’ shout for help. Physical safety is more important than replaceable items!


10) Avoid giving out your personal details to strangers, such as name, address and/or place of employment.


11) When walking in a public place…walk ‘facing’ the oncoming traffic. Try to keep hands free and out of pockets!


12) Using items such as a Walkman, Radio or any listening device with ‘earphones’ will stop you hearing possible trouble approaching.


13) Try to wait at a ‘Bus Stop’ in a well-lit area. When using Buses or Trains at night, get somebody to meet you!


14) When using a Taxi use a company known to you and ‘registered’.


15) Make sure you keep the name of the Taxi Company/telephone number of the company you have booked…when the taxi arrives, ask the driver their name and company! It’s also important to ask the driver - the name of the person he is expecting to collect?


16) Never accept a lift from an unlicensed mini-cab or stranger (if your cab fails to arrive, or at any time).


17) If you ever feel unsafe or threatened whilst travelling in a Taxi…ask the driver to pull over and get out where there are plenty of people.


18) Always plan your journey/route, avoiding short-cuts through unlit or secluded areas.


19) If you walk a route regularly, alone - try to vary, using known routes only!


20) Carrying large sums of money should be avoided, especially when alone. But, if it’s absolutely necessary divide/distribute into different parts of clothing - if possible ask someone to accompany you. Credit Cards should also be treated with care and kept discreet.


21) When using any form of Public Transport, try to sit near the driver and/or in busy carriages.


22) Again, when using Public Transport - take note of emergency alarms and exits! Use them in an emergency or if your personal safety is threatened!


23) Remember to keep keys in your pocket, not in a handbag or brief case.


24) After dark, have keys ready when nearing home to enter quickly


ICE - In Case of Emergency


Enter an "Ice" Contact into your mobile phone. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, this contact will help Emergency Services contact an appropriate person for you should it ever be required.


































































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