An Overview of KnifeCrimes.Org

KnifeCrimes.Org is an Online Knife, Gun & Gang related information Resource...Violence Reduction, fewer Victims by Changing Attitudes. 

We are a National Registered Charity...providing peer support to families and friends affected by Serious Violent Crime or Bereaved as a result of Homicide.  Involved in training, education, research and raising public awareness to achieve better rights for victims.

About Us


KnifeCrimes.Org...established in 2006, set up off the back of Prince of Tides, a small Charity formed in 2003 to support bereaved families and those with addiction issues.  The Organisation was founded by Ann Oakes-Odger following the Murder of her Son, Westley Odger on the 12th September, 2005.  As a result of her own experience she researched the need for specialist support for Knife Crime Victims' Families, and found many of the families grieving the loss of their children who were teenagers or younger Victims of fatal stabbings.  She also obtained Statistics for the previous 9 years that showed 2,026 Homicides through 'Knife Crime' as opposed to 601 Homicides through 'Gun Crime'...fatalities are 4 times more likely through 'Knife Crime!' 



Ann is also responsible for launching a successful Campaign that resulted in a Review of Schedule 21 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 whereupon a new starting point Tariff of 25 years was introduced in March 2010 specifically to address *Knife Murder (and the use of other weapons):   www.KnifeCrimes.Org/Law-Changes-Knife-Crime.html


Made an MBE by the Queen in her Birthday Honours of 2011...Ann was privileged to be presented with her Medal by the Queen at Buckingham Palace for Services to the Prevention of Knife Crime. 


The sudden death through Homicide of a Young Child or Teenager is particularly traumatic for parents, as well as siblings, grandparents and the School friends of the Victim and it is this understanding that forms the basis of our work.


KnifeCrimes.Org...provides a full range of support services, some of which are as follows:

  • Bereavement information
  • Support with emotional experiences affecting ability to function normally and carry our normal daily routines
  • Immediate access to peer support
  • Facilitating access to answers for Victims' Families
  • Providing a 'Victim Led' organisational management structure
  • Ongoing provision of support to Homicide Victims' Families since December, 2006
  • Advocacy and assistance in preparing 'Impact Statements'
  • Providing Training to Police Family Liaison Officer (Homicide FLO's)...Schools, YOT's and other Agencies
  • Access to Training to become a 'Weapons Awareness Facilitator' and other Training Programmes.

Working in partnership with Government and other Agencies to bring about enchanced Rights for Victims of Crime...particularly with the Criminal Justice System.







*There is no Home Office definition of 'Knife Crime' however 'Knife-enabled Crime' includes a variety of Offences involving a bladed weapon or sharp instrument, this includes a bottle or glass (broken or unbroken).




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