Drug Proof Your Kids...

Steering Children away from the harmful use of Drugs is every Parents' concern.  Alcohol being high on the Drug Awareness agenda, as it's often the main cause of Anti-Social Behaviour or worse, becoming involved in more serious crime! 

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Drug Proof Your Kids

Dear Parents,


The fact that you are reading this page tells us that you too, want to make a difference to the lives of your children, steering them away from the harmful use of drugs.  Supporting children and young people to become part of the solution toward addressing the problem of alcohol and other drug misuse in our Society.


The 'How to Drug Proof Your Kids' programme has been created in response to the needs of parents.  It is based on sound research that clearly indicates the importance of a healthy family environment, where high levels of parent connectedness can reduce the risk of harmfull drug use by their children.  Unfortunately, that is not to say our children will always make the right choices, there are no guarantees.


This parenting programme is not merely a neatly packaged set of answers, nor does it naively tell young people to just say "NO".  We do not believe there is any one simple solution towards addressing what has become a complex issue in our Society.  However, this programme does concentrate on the important role of a parent or significant caregiver can play in reducing the risk of harmful drug use...also equips parents to establish protective factors that will assist children to make good choices.


With the emphasis on prevention this programme is designed to:

  • Give parents a realistic overview of drug use in society and its related harm
  • Provide parents with an understanding of protective factors and the role they play in helping to steer our children clear of harmful drug use 
  • Help parents establish strategies that will strengthen their influence in areas such as their own wellbeing, communication and responding to issues such as alcohol use
  • Educate and empower parents with skills and strategies that will influence their children's choices regarding the harmful use of drugs
  • Encourage parents to examine their own beliefs and attitudes regarding drug misuse and how conflicting messages can influence their children's choices 
  • Provide parents with a sense of community-based support


This programme is a tremendous opportunity to work alongside others...to impact a whole generation in a very positive and practical way.  We all have the potential as parents to help build a future for young families and the children of tomorrow.


Yours faithfully,




Ann Oakes-Odger MBE 

Founder/CEO KnifeCrimes.Org - Victims' Advocates

& Westley's Weapons Awareness




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