Victims' Advocates

The Voice of Victims...aiming to strengthen Victims' Rights and improve services available to Victims."

Victims' Advocates

"Our strengthen Victims' Rights and to improve

services available to Victims."


Receiving sudden and shocking news of a loved-one's murder is something that a family can never be prepared for.  Nothing in our normal daily lives or upbringing has ever provided us with the 'tools' or 'coping mechanism' to deal with what lies ahead, following a Homicide.

Being a Victim or a witness to a crime is often so overwhelming that normal daily functions become almost impossible to carry out, simple things like shopping, housework and paying bills.


These functions are interupted and are normal reactions, given the abnormal circumstances that such shocking news brings to our mental and physical health.


It is vital at this time that early clear information is available...that someone is available to answer those questions about the Criminal Justice Process and guide you through it's complexities.  Our aim is to offer guidance and where necessary, signpost you to the right support to provide a single point of contact who will treat you with dignity, minimising the stress of attending Court.


It is vital that assistance is given to prepare your 'Impact Statement' and to keep Victims' families up to date with any news in a way that is convenient.


Who are Victims' Advocates, and what is our role?...we are a 'Victim-led' organisation who help make a difference by explaining in simple terms, the Criminal Justice Process:


  • Listening and communicating
  • Ensuring that Victims understand the Laws and procedures relevant to their case
  • Checking that relevant documentation and timely information has been received
  • Assistance with the preparation of Impact Statements
  • Identifying where Police procedures need explanation
  • Explaining in clear language, the psychology of victimisation
  • Helping Victims' families understand the effects of Bereavement due to Homicide and how to recognise PTSD
  • Problem solving and signposting


By explaining the foregoing in a 'step-by-step' way the traumatic effects that often follows the shock news of a loved-one's life being taken by violence, can be greatly alleviated.




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