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Use the 'links' to get Crime Figures and Statistics...this page contains a Resource on Crime Statistics and Crime Maps.  It will enable you to get up-to-date information on crime in your area, as well as access UK Crime Figures, including Anti-Social Behaviour...

Also Report issues affecting 'You' direct to your Local Council...'Fix My Street' 

Facts & Figures



Here are tools...which should enable you to find crime information for your local area go to: www.police.uk or http://data.police.uk

Neighbourhood Statistics...This is a very useful site which brings together lots of facts and figures and then maps it to a local neighbourhood.  Once again you can type in your Postcode on the right hand side and it will take you into the statistics for your local area.  The Country has been divided in to 32,482 'Super Output Areas'...each with approximately 1500 people in it.  Have a look at the map and check out whether the area you are looking at is the area you think of as 'your' neighbourhood.  In Towns and Cities the super output areas can be very small and you may live on the edge of one and be concerned about information for the one next door:  www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk  

Fix my Street...This is an interactive website where you can report issues affecting your area.  Start with a Postcode and a Map will appear.  You can then report your concern in a short statement.  The site sends your report to the relevant Local Council within a few minutes.  It also sends you an email saying it has been done and asking you to keep 'Fix My Street' informed of what happens.  After a few weeks 'Fix My Street' will email you again to ask you to update them on whether the problem was resolved!


People have reported dumped cars, noisy motorbikes, litter. graffiti, potholes...all sorts of issues.  You can also check out what other reports have been made near you, as well as sign up to receive updates from the website when anyone reports anything in 'your' area.  This tool is used by some councillors and could be useful to know what other people's concerns are locally:  www.fixmystreet.com  




London Crime Information:  www.SpotCrime.com/uk/london   


Worldwide 'clickable' Crime maps:-  www.SpotCrime.com/worldwide.php  











Office for National Statistics (ONS) - Crime Survey...


Latest figures from the Crime Survey for England & Wales (CSEW).  Trends in CSEW and Police recorded crime...1981 to year ending December 2014.  This statistical information is available on the ONS website here:




Due to the small number of offences recorded, data on homicides involving a knife and sharp instrument are not routinely published at police force area level.




MAPPING UK's TEENAGE MURDER TOLL...more than 70 teenagers were violently killed in the United Kingdom during 2008.  This information has been gathered by the BBC from Police Forces around the UK on every reported case of Murder & Manslaughter (Homicide) in the 10-19 age group.  This link will take you to a full list since 1st January, 2008...many cases are still being investigated or prosecuted by Police, but where there has been a Conviction, this is reported. 


Also, up-to-date information including Victims of Domestic Violence and straightforward Assault, as well as Gang Related Deaths.


You will also be able to see a UK Map with icons to take to the locations/street where the incident took place, along with detailed data/statistics (Age/Gender/Cause/Day of the Week/Ethnicity):  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7777635.stm



















































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