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Ministry of JusticeMonday, 30th January, 2012 the Justice Secretary launched this important Consultation “Getting it right for Victims & Witnesses”...  

We would like to draw your attention to the parts of this document specifically dealing with Victims of Homicide.  In particular, proposals for:
  • A new Victims Code to include a set of separate, additional entitlements which those bereaved by homicide can expect from criminal justice agencies;
  • Protecting compensation payments for pain and suffering for relatives bereaved by homicide;
  • Protecting the award that goes to bereaved children for loss of parental services;
  • Removing the rule that makes reductions to compensation awards to bereaved family members if the deceased had criminal convictions.
Further proposals include:
  • Ending payments for minor injuries such as a sprained ankles, cuts and grazes;
  • Greater funding for victim support services, better targeted at those most in need;
  • Stopping criminal injuries compensation payments to people with unspent convictions – totalling at least £75million over the past decade;
  • A simpler route of complaint and redress for victims;
  • Giving new Police and Crime Commissioners a key role in deciding the priorities for local victims’ services;
  • Ensuring more voluntary organisations have access to long-term funding.
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