Training Programmes

GRIEF is derived from the Latin meaning 'to Rob'...Sudden Death & Understanding Trauma in Murder Victims' Families - by Ann Oakes-Odger MBE

One-Day Workshops for Professionals & Volunteers...


Training Programmes

Receiving News of the Sudden Death...of a 'loved-one' especially where there is violence involved, such as 'Murder'...the effect is one of utter shock!  Shock in the 'physical' sense produces reactions of Fight, Flight or Freeze - Adrenaline surges through the body which takes around 30 minutes to recover.  The 'mind' does the same, but takes much longer to recover.  Sometimes the recovery takes many years, for some this recovery never happens...


It is paramount that those professionals and volunteers supporting families, have understanding of the special needs of the families, especially during the early days.


KnifeCrimes.Org during 2011 have dates set for the launch of a series of 'One-Day' Workshops to take place in the Historical Town of Colchester, the Oldest Recorded Town in Britain.  The Training Centre can be located within a few minutes walk from the Colchester Castle in the Centre of the Town itself.  We are located within a short Bus ride from Colchester Railway Station or a 2 minute walk from Colchester Town Railway Station :

Head Office & Training Centre, John Russell House, George Wiliams Way, Colchester, CO1 2JS


TRAINING OVERVIEW...The day will provide participants with an opportunity to understand the issues surrounding supporting suddenly bereaved Parents, Siblings and extended family members.  It will also focus on the immediate and long term needs of the family as well as the needs of children when a Parent or carer has been killed.


AIMS...The day aims to promote Best Practise in those people dealing with families effected by murder/sudden death. And...


1)  Gain further insight into meeting the needs of those suddenly bereaved by Violence


2)  Participants are able to develop personal and professional self confidence as well as hone coping skills.


3)  To enable/enhance the care and support initially needed by the distressed family members


WORKSHOPS OUTCOMES...To fully explore the Traumatic impact of a child's 'sudden death' for the Parents, Siblings, extended family members, friends as well as the professionals supporting the family.  And...


1)  To have developed an understanding of the dynamics of a child's sudden death for the Parents.  The grief process and effects on each family member.  The likely effects on the support network mechanism within the family.


2)  To have developed and/or honed personal and professional respond appropriately and cope with the distressed parents/children/siblings.


3)  To have an enhanced understanding/ability to give effective, empathic initial bereavement support as well as listening skills.


4)  To have gained a full understanding of the needs of the bereaved family when dealing with the Criminal Justice System. 


The One-Day Workshops start at 10am and finish at 4pm.  Refreshments and lunch is provided.



Information of available dates, costs and to book a Workshop...

Email:  ann@KnifeCrimes.Org    





































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