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Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun...one wonders where the violence begun...Bullying, Abuses, Alcohol & Drugs!...Surely, they didn't want to be thugs?

Ubi aves ibi Angeli...'Where there are Birds, there are Angels!'

Poems, Verses & Songs

Often media attention to violence leads to public belief that young people are out of control...nothing could be further from the truth!  It's easy sometimes to think that Society doesn't care.  Recently KnifeCrimes.Org has received some excellent examples of work that's really worthy of sharing with visitors to this website.  These verses and songs show real depth of feeling and a desire to see change...


This Picture was drawn by 13 year old Jade of Harlesden, North West London.  Jade's message to everyone...


"Nobody needs to carry a 'Knife'

People shouldn't need to 'Fight'...

Let's all make a difference today,

Change our Life!

It's a brand new day!"





(Written shortly before Westley's tragic murder on 12th September, 2005)


When I hear the song that travels on the Breeze...

It's not at all easy, when your're not at ease...

But, fear not my fair darling for things are not always as they seem...


But, if you allow me to to be your guide...

Then we will travel the wayward sky...

And, you will not be scared...or sometimes ask why?

Because together we will fly...


And, we both shall hear that music that travels forever on the skies...

The Angels singing in the sky.




ONLY HUMAN...by Carl Rachel

Carl Says...I titled this song, Only Human. 
It is my spiritual take on positivity, on the fact that we as humans fall,
but a greater force is there to bring us back.  I have this song up on the Internet at


If ever I see an angel
she’ll have to be flying low
to help this hopeless sinner
why she would God only knows
when Heaven comes down a’callin’
and I stand before my God
I’m sure to be begging mercy
yet all the while deserve the rod

He says you’re only human
but I’m here to set you free
you turned to me in good time
and now you’re gonna see
you can fly
with me you can fly...

They said a storm was coming
but I stormed out anyway
yeah, I’ve never been one to listen
always too hell bent to seize the day
then thunder rolls down the mountain
and a hard rain starts to fall
abandoned I’m begging help me
like every sinner who mocks the call

He says you’re only human
but I’m here and you’re with me
you turned to me in trouble
and now you’re gonna see
you can fly
with me you can fly—

with me you can fly.




Written with Love in Memory of Kashif Mahmood by his Sister Zainub Mahmood


If we could bring you back again for one more hour or day,

We'd express all of our unspoken love;

We'd have countless things to say...


If we could bring you back again

We'd say we treasured you,

And that your presence in our lives meant more than we ever knew


If we could bring you back again,

To tell you what we should,

You know how much we miss you now,

And if we could we would...





Written with Love in Memory of Kashif Mahmood by his Sister Zainub Mahmood


He's in a better place right now,

Than he's ever been before.

All the pains are gone, he's at rest,

Nothing troublesome anymore,


It's us who feel the burden of our sadness and grief,

We had to cry to mourn our loss,

Before we got relief,


We know we'll reconnect with him at the end of each life's road,

We'll see his cherised face again,

When we realise our earthly road...




GUNS & KNIVES...by David Boyce

Written 8th July, 2009 by Special Police Constable Sc 7061 Boyce, F Division

South Wales Police Force, Bridgend


Many teenages go around in groups

And often join a gang

They think it's cool to carry guns

That can take a life in just one bang


They think they are hard

And also very clever

But to use a gun on someone else

Will change their lives forever


Some people will not use a gun

But instead they have a knife

And again it takes one stupid move

To take somebody's life


Please put away your weapons

And lock the guns away

To make our streets much safer

So young kids can grow and play




WALKING THE STREET  [Drugs]...Anonymous


Walking the street,

Late at night,

Need some drugs,

But money is tight.


Got family problems,

They've stressed me out,

In everyone's eyes,

I'm just a lout.


There's no real friends,

They're just like slugs,

Got one real friend,

His name is Drugs.


He eases my pain,

And clears my mind,

Stops me wishing,

"I was dead at times!"


Like a hammer,

Hitting a nail,

He made me bad,

Now I'm in jail!


I'm out soon,

To start a new life,

To find a new home,

And, a sweet little wife.


To settle down,

And drown my pain,

And never touch,

Them Drugs again!




DAD'S POEM to Rhys Jones [Shot - 22nd August, 2007]






Now God wanted a Football Match

And to play it up in Heaven

But first he needed players

And select his first Eleven

Georgie Best, and Brian Labone

The legend Dixie Dean

Alan Ball and Bobby Moore

All made it in the team

He needed one more player

Someone who would be quick

From up above he looked down

And saw Rhys there in his kit

So Rhys was taken up above

God took him by the hand

To play the game he loved so much

Where sponsorship is banned

There is no cheating either as

God is the referee

There are no mega wages

And the transfers they are free

The games are live on telly

You don't have to subscribe

The players all stay on their feet

'Cos no one takes a dive

So Rhys plays now so happily

To the Angels in the crowd

And every time he hits the net

They roar his name so loud

Have fun my little blue boy

You're safe and in God's care

'Til it's time for me to get my boots

And join with you up there...





Sandra Sullivan "Reaction" to Murder - 12th September, 2005


Did you look up?

Did you hear?

Did you react?

Shall I say it again?


Shall I disappear?

Is it catching...will it stain?

How would you like it to be?

Is how I should like it to be, how it should be?

But 'no'...

The truth is in the pain.





Marie Wilkinson - Mile End, London, UK


To kill with a Knife no value for life...

To destroy and create sadness, in a moment of madness

Blood on your hands...ice in your heart

Any regrets...why did it start?


 You sit in your cell as your life goes on...

But, think of all the families...can they be strong?

Everyday that passes, such emptiness in their hearts

For the 'loved-ones' they have lost

So many questions to be asked...




If tears could build a stairway,

and memories a lane,

I'd walk right up to Heaven

and bring you home again...

E. & O.E.