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Be a Crime Stopper, you really can make a difference! Every day people are helping to make our streets safer, if you can help in any way then we will all benefit in the end. Just imagine how you would feel if it was your son or daughter who had been the victim, or perhaps your best friend, how would you feel if your Mother had been stabbed?

Think about it and help us to help you...

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Knife Crime is driven by a complex blend of ingredients for example drugs are directly linked to this type of crime and so is status within certain community sectors.

Why Should I Call CrimeStoppers?

If you want to know why you should call crime stoppers then read the stories behind the tragic faces of the victims on our home page or follow this link to our Victims Page and learn about these innocent people and what happened to them.


Call CrimeStoppers and stay anonymous, CrimeStoppers works for you!

   CrimeStoppers have a 24 hour 7 day a week call line...more than 27 years old!

CrimeStoppers CrimeStoppers CrimeStoppers

At the CrimeStoppers website you will find information about all the different services, learn how valuable it has been to have information sent through by the general public.


There have been hundreds of crimes solved and criminals, robbers and muggers are now behind bars thanks to your contribution.


Many of these people would still be preying on the people of the UK and walking around committing more crimes if it wasn't for people calling Crime Stoppers.


Murders have been solved and justice has been served on many murders and this takes many dangerous people from our streets.




The Campaign comes as a CrimeStoppers' Poll reveals 'Theft' or 'Burglary' is the third most feared crime...with 18% of people putting it top of the list.


Of more than 1,000 people who voted...34% said 'Knife Crime' was the biggest worry, while 20% said 'Sexual Crime'...12% said 'Gun Crime', 8% said 'Fraud' and 8% said 'Drug Crime'... 

Report 'Knife Crime'...If you are still undecided then look again at the faces of the victims and look how ordinary they are - just everday people!


Think that it couldnt happen to you or somebody you love?

Then Think Again!

These are everyday people who were doing everyday things.

These people are from all walks of life, some are only youngsters whilst others are senior citizens.


There are Black people, White people and Asian people, from all religions and from all types of background.

What is the one thing they all have in common?


They were all murdered with knives!


Help Us To Stop knife Crime Now.


CrimeStoppers is completely is particularly useful for people who know information about crime, but fear the consequences of going to the Police.  This is even more the case with crimes such as 'Knife Crimes' and/or 'Gun Crimes'.  People can either call 0800 555 111 24/7 or fill out the anonymous online form:-  


Let's live in a 'Fearless Society'...


Be part of a 'Safer World' to live in...CrimeStoppers International:  


Why Report Crime...


Wrongdoers at Work!  Draw the line...
































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